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In an emergency, call 911

Timely Treatment with the Utmost Care

The emergency medicine team at HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese gives their best every day, knowing they often see patients at their worst. Time matters here more than almost any area of the hospital, and this team makes every moment count, providing timely treatment with the utmost care.

Who will care for me?

Experienced, caring physicians and nurses specializing in emergency medicine and triage provide patients prompt, treatment using the most advanced technologies. The team is a multi-year recipient of the 5-Star Customer Service Award from Professional Research Consultants.

What technologies are available at St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese ER?

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese emergency department is equipped with a state-of-the-art triage center, supported by 24-hour advanced imaging, on-call ultrasound, Nighthawk radiology reading, on-site laboratory testing and medical services including general surgery, cardiology and neurology.

What if I need more significant care?

In the event a patient requires next-level care, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese emergency medicine team provides smooth transfer to a tertiary care center.

For more information about St. Joseph's Hospital’s emergency department, call (618) 526-5325 or (618) 526-5617.